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Prime For Life 18 and Over
Promoting a Life Well Lived
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Concerned with the role that alcohol or drugs play in your life? Want to make a change but need to learn more? Catholic Human Services offers Prime For Life® classes as a way of understanding how alcohol and drug-related problems develop, what we can do to prevent them, and why sometimes we need help.

This 9-12 hour course presents carefully selected information in a non-judgmental way which provokes new thinking and provides individuals with a solid basis for making decisions about their alcohol and drug use. Interested individuals can register by phone, or in person, for Prime For Life.

Once registered, we will send class materials through the U.S. mail service.

Registration Cost: $120

If you're 18 or under and would like to sign up for Prime for Life follow the link below to learn more.

2024 Prime for Life Class Schedule

Class Registration Cost: $120

April 15-17 | 5-9pm | In Person - Traverse City

May 20-23 | 5-8pm | Virtual*

June 17-19 | 5-9pm | In Person - Traverse City

July 15-18 | 5-8pm | Virtual*

August 19-21 | 5-9pm | In Person - Traverse City

September 16-19 | 5-8pm | Virtual*

October 21-23 | 5-9pm | In Person - Traverse City

November 18-21 | 5-8pm | Virtual*

December 16-18 | 5-9pm | In Person - Traverse City

*Classes are virtual and held via Zoom. Zoom access through computer, tablet, or phone is required to participate*

To register for a Virtual Class contact our Alpena Office by calling 989-356-6385

To register for an In-Person Class contact our Traverse City Office by calling 231-947-8110

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