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Mission, Values, Vision
Why we exist

For decades, Catholic Human Services has been committed to strengthening northern Michigan, one person at a time. We make a positive difference by providing hope-filled, social, emotional, and spiritual support during some of the most challenging times in people's lives. We serve people of all ages, faiths, and incomes throughout 21 counties in northern lower Michigan.


CHS provides counseling, substance use disorder treatment, prevention education, adoption, youth mentoring, and senior services to thousands of people each year. We partner with health care providers, employers, churches, and agencies to offer a wide range of best-practice services.

Where we provide services

CHS is based administratively in Traverse City, with regional Alpena, Gaylord, and Cadillac offices. Each office is a hub for services located in other communities throughout the 21-county service area. For a complete listing of locations and contact information click here.

What we believe

A welcoming, open spirit leads to healing. We believe in meeting people where they are. No stigma, just help. While CHS was built on the foundation of the Catholic faith, CHS provides services and employs people of all faiths. We strive to bring a spirit of openness to every interaction with clients, team members, and community partners. We are honored to uplift our clients during times of great challenge and seek to walk alongside them on the road to a better tomorrow. 

Creative learning leads to better outcomes. We know we don't have all the answers and seek to partner with our clients and communities to develop better and more diverse ways to serve people living in northern Michigan. We do this by:

  1. Listening deeply to those we serve.

  2. Encouraging innovative thinking of team members.

  3. Remaining flexible in our decision-making.

Strong people build strong communities. Our communities are stronger when individuals and families are healthy. We believe a strong family is one where each member is accepted and loved and can develop their strengths within the family structure. Parents have what they need to nurture and develop their children, and children have what they need to thrive and grow into healthy, happy adults. Spouses respect, love, and partner with one another to enjoy peaceful moments and successfully take on challenges. Each family CHS works with is unique in makeup and size. Some families are traditional, and others are families of choice. 

Image by Tim Mossholder
Our vision

We can imagine a future where all people in northern Michigan have broken free from abuse, care for themselves, and can find support when they need it. CHS staff, board, senior volunteers, and clients strive every day to build this brighter future one person at a time.

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