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Alcohol Highway Safety & Victim Impact Panel
Providing hope through education

As drivers, we can be faced with many distractions, some more dangerous than others. If you are facing a first offense driving conviction, our Alcohol Highway Safety and Victim Impact Report is here to provide support. Designed to educate adults on the effects of alcohol and other drugs while driving. 

Alcohol Highway Safety is a comprehensive 7.5 hour course that presents information in a non-judgmental way providing individuals with the tools needed for making decisions about alcohol and drug use related to driving. Victim Impact Report is a 3.5 hour panel that lets individuals interact with speakers to gain a broader knowledge about alcohol and drug use behind the wheel.

Classes are virtual and held via Zoom. Zoom access through a computer, tablet, or phone is required to participate. Interested individuals can register by phone, or in person.

Once registered, we will send class materials through the U.S. mail service.

Class Registration Costs break down as follows: 

$120 - Alcohol Highway Safety (AHS) & Victim Impact Report (VIP)

$60 - Victim Impact Report (VIP)

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