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We Appreciate Your Financial Support

CHS has been strengthening northern Michigan by providing life-enhancing services to individuals, families, and our community for 50 years. As we towards the future, CHS is focused on strategies that will meet the evolving needs of those we serve. Our plan for the next three years is to 1) strengthen our current programs and 2) expand counseling services for families. 


Donations play an essential role in sustaining and enhancing services. Here are some examples of how you can help:


Client Assistance Fund (CAF): Strengthening northern Michigan means residents can access the care they need for substance use disorders, depression, marital difficulties, unexpected pregnancies, and recovery from trauma. The CAF is available to individuals and families who come to CHS for treatment but have limited ability to pay. 100% of gifts are used to help reduce the cost of care for those in need. 


$100 donation helps cover the costs for pregnancy or other individual counseling sessions.

$150 donation helps cover the costs for family therapy sessions.

$250 donation helps cover the costs for group recovery sessions.


Educational Programming: CHS provides evidence-based information to enhance the well-being of our residents. CHS provides online, virtual, and in-person learning opportunities for youth, families, teachers, and service providers.


$500 helps cover the cost of interactive youth drug prevention classes.

$1,000 will provide continuing education for service providers.

$5,000 underwrites the cost for a motivational Alcohol and Drug prevention event at a local school. 


Expanding Programs and Services: CHS staff continuously look for ways to deliver more services to strengthen families. One top community need that CHS would like to address is expanding marriage counseling. CHS receives numerous requests from clergy to refer struggling couples who could benefit from counseling services. CHS plans to expand its offerings and build an infrastructure to serve at least 300 families per year. Expanding the program will cost an estimated $400,000, and CHS seeks donors interested in investing in this family-strengthening program. Once the program is developed, CHS expects it to become self-sustaining within two years. 

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