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Adoption Services
An Individualized Parent-Child Approach

Catholic Human Services has been providing adoption services since 1980. We were pioneers and national leaders in the open adoption movement and have provided this approach to adoption longer than any other agency in the country. Simply put, open adoption promotes ongoing relationships between adopted children and their birth families. We are proud to have arranged close to 600 infant adoptions across northern Michigan.


Birthparent? If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you can trust CHS to:


  • Provide options counseling as you explore the best plan for your baby. 

  • Respond to your concerns thoroughly and honestly. 

  • Honor your choices. 

  • Ensure you fully understand adoption if you are considering this plan.


Prospective adoptive parents? If you want to give a loving home to a baby, you can trust CHS to:

  • Be welcoming and answer your questions.

  • Provide a complete understanding of our program.

  • Be transparent with costs and processes.


Call us at 231-590-8337 or fill out the contact form, and we will contact you.


Answers to frequently asked questions for both the birth parents and adoptive parents are below.

Image by Jessica Rockowitz
FAQs for Birth Parents
FAQs for Adoptive Parents
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